Last Minute Gift Ideas

Just a few more weeks to go! Are you ready?


That’s right! There’s still a bit of time for you’re to create adorable photo gifts and prints for your friends and family. Not sure what to gift? Here are a few solutions to help you choose.



The Gather Box

Our #1 MOST MEANINGFUL gift idea! The Gather Box is an easy way to have family photos, home movies and keepsakes digitized for use on today’s technology. Here are our favorite ways to gift it:

  1. Wrap the empty box and allow the recipient to fill it with vintage photos and memorabilia. Instructions for filling the box are included.
  2. You fill the box with meaningful photos and keepsakes for the recipient. Allow them to add some of their own items as well.
  3. Plan ahead (at least 3 weeks before Christmas) and have a box full of family treasures digitized for the recipient (or the entire family)!



Give the gift of prints! Select a series of your favorite mobile snapshots and make fun-sized prints to package as a set. Tie a bow around them and you’re all set! Print sets can be ready for pick up in as fast as 1-day!


Start a new tradition and gift personalized ornaments to everyone in the fam. Children especially enjoy having their very own special ornaments and it’s fun to reminisce when decorating the tree each year.