Film Photography Best Practices! 

Film Photography Best Practices!

Learn how to enhance your skills!

Film Photography is about having fun, finding your style, and making mistakes here and there. Getting started can be daunting but here are a few best practices that will make shooting film a bit easier.


A good photo is not the camera but the person behind the lens. Don’t put all your focus on purchasing the most expensive camera. Instead, choose a camera that fits within your budget. And if you do want to upgrade your equipment, invest in quality lenses rather than the camera itself.




Metering the light is a critical part when shooting film. Film cameras are not automated and require manual input of your functions. Metering your light will ensure your pictures come out as you intended them. You can even download apps on your smartphone to help you achieve this.




Shooting film can be very intimidating. The more practice you get out there, the better your images will be. Enjoy finding your style, techniques and learning from mistakes. You never know; those “mishaps” can create an outstanding image.





With film photography, there are many layers to taking a beautiful photo. The type of film you use will have diverse developing processes creating a vastly different look to your photo. Trust in your local lab to scan, process, and provide excellent results.





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