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2020, A YEAR IN REVIEW We just can’t say it enough – 2020 has been quite a year! It’s likely that this year has brought you a few memories that you wish you could forget, as well as some very special moments that you want to cherish forever. As the holidays approach, and the year […]


WHY THIS YEAR’S HOLIDAY CARD IS SO SPECIAL 2020 has been quite the year, to say the least! For most of us, the holidays will feel a little different this year. Many of us will not be able to celebrate in-person with our loved ones. In this time of distancing, we are looking for a […]

Create a Local Tribe

Local brick and mortar stores, even with a strong online (even international) presence, should develop an engaged local following that keeps the physical location buzzing. So, how do you grow your tribe? Partner with local celebrities, bloggers + influencers. Send them a sample gift of one of your products/services. Don’t skimp on the packaging and […]

Be the Local Expert

Are you positioned as the local expert in your market? Being your neighborhood expert means delivering a consistent, high quality experience for all customers. By providing coaching and consulting services to your customers, you become “the place to go” for _____. You build trust and customers are willing to pay extra for that level of […]

Do you provide proper training for your team?

Last week we talked about how to attract, engage and develop the right team members. One very important piece of engagement and development is team training. While most employers provide job-specific, individualized training, it is important to supplement this with initial and ongoing training for your full team. The first training piece should always be […]

The Right Team: Your Ticket to Success

The right team can make or break you. An engaged team, rooted in a strong culture, is the ticket to customer experience and retention. Here are a few brief tips on attracting the right team members, developing their talents and keeping them engaged long-term. Define your culture and clearly communicate it to your existing team […]

Unique Culture and Consistent Branding

We developed our licensed business model, The Print RefineryTM, by understanding that unique culture and consistent branding are the most important attributes to a business in today’s retail environment. Everything that a customer sees, hear, feels or senses about your business is your brand; it should be consistent across all touch points. Your customer should […]