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Targeted + Trackable Marketing or Why Bother?

Are you short on time and just pushing out all of your marketing messages into the entire universe? It’s time you spent your time and money marketing your business more wisely. Sending specific messages to smaller, targeted audience receive higher engagement and ROI. Tracking your efforts allows you to adjust your methods and stop doing […]

Take back your photo collection once an for all!

This is the year you’re going to take back your photo collection You’re going to conquer those boxes of photos before they fade away forever. You’re ready to future proof your old photo collection and organize your digital image archive, you’ve come to the right place. The right time is now. And we’re here to […]

Share-worthy shots for the holidays

The pictures we take during the holidays can be a bit mundane. We snap a couple of the family around the dinner table and a few during gift opening. But do you share those pictures? Do you look at them later? This year, get guaranteed share-worthy shots. Aim to capture the making-of moments and the […]

What the HEIF Happened to JPG?

Apple’s latest bombshell is a whole new image format and you may already be using it. HEIF stands for High Efficiency Image File and it replaces the JPG format in iOS 11. Where did this come from? Apple adopted it as a better way to save ever more complex images from iPhones, beginning with iOS […]

Three ways to win Christmas with photos

This could be the best gift you’ll give this year. It will definitely be the most meaningful. This isn’t another “Best Gifts of 2017” list. It’s THE Best Gift of 2017 and it’s not a list. It’s just one thing and you already own it. It might even be in your pocket right now. Best […]

Love holiday traditions? Here’s a great one!

We all have them – those meaningful family traditions that we replicate each Christmas season. Maybe it’s watching the big game together, baking from family recipes, decorating the tree or driving through the neighborhood to look at Christmas lights. When my children were younger, I used to dress them in matching holiday themed pajamas and […]

Curate Product Selection In-Store + Online

Many business owners in our industry and in others get carried away when it comes to displaying every little thing that they can do, in every size, without any thought to curation. This leads to a cluttered and busy store (and/or website) – no matter how beautiful the products are. Displaying too many choices is […]

Design Musts for Your Retail Store

Are you preparing for a remodel or move? Are you opening a new store? Stuck on where to get started with your store design? When designing your experiential retail space, start by considering the journey that you want your customers to have. Where should they start? What should they see? What would you like them […]

Website: Must Be Robust and Mobile Friendly

You need a robust and mobile friendly website that matches your in-store brand experience. Use Google Analytics to track your results and then adjust your approach accordingly. When developing a website, consider incorporating the following: Consistent branding (logo, colors, fonts, brand voice, etc.) Home page rotators that show more of what you can do Regularly […]